Additional Server Maintenance

We will be performing additional server maintenance today that may cause some downtime. We will be making some changes to the server to improve its performance and reduce downtime and maintenance in 2017.

28th Dec 2016
Planned Downtime on December 16

On Friday, December 16 at 1am GMT, we have to perform some maintenance at our "Moon" server that will cause a period of downtime between 1 and 10am GMT (see in your time zone). Your account is at our "Moon" server, which means you may be unable to log in during that time.This will require us to take the "Moon" server offline for roughly 90 ... Leia mais... »

30th Nov 2016
Client Dashboard

Hello, we had issues with our client dashboard yesterday but it is under control now. You may access your dashboard now. We will restore the design in the next following days.

20th Aug 2016

I just had to reboot our current server. We are moving all accounts from this server to a more reliable server right now.

24th Mar 2015
NEW Server

The transfer is still going. Please avoid any website updates.

20th Mar 2015
High Loads

We have been experiencing extreme high loads on our server. This is due to accounts that have been used for spaming, we have been dealing with this problem for a while now and we are looking for a permanent solution to this problem which started at the end of December 2014. We will soon be migrating this server to a SSD Drive ... Leia mais... »

27th Feb 2015